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Who is Ohio ASCD?

We are Ohio educators who are interested in making a difference in education. Members include teachers, principals, superintendents, directors, coordinators, specialists, state department of education personnel, undergraduate and graduate students, and more.

Founded in 1939, Ohio ASCD has been an active and enduring professional association, striving to meet the needs of educators in Ohio. 

Member Benefits

Ohio ASCD membership is open to all who are interested in making a difference in Ohio education. 

Member benefits include:

  • Reduced registration rates at Ohio ASCD conferences 

  • Certificate of attendance and college credit opportunities 

  • Ohio Department of Education updates at conferences 

  • Opportunities to meet and network with Ohio leaders in teaching and learning 

  • Nonpartisan influence on education at both the legislative and policy-making levels 

  • Opportunities for serving on committees and Board of Directors 

  • Opportunity to serve as an Emerging Leader for OhioASCD

  • Contacts that can result in professional opportunities 

Membership in our state-wide network of professional educators is only $30. 

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President's Message

Hello OhioASCD,

Happy New Year to All! I hope you found time to rest and refresh over the holidays. I had some time to do a little extra reading and I found some nuggets to share in dealing with students who have high levels of trauma, stress, and violence in their lives.

“You become stronger as you seek solutions to seeming roadblocks or dead ends.”  This quote from Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant’s recent book Option B:  Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy jumped out at me as I read. The continuing violence in the United States causes more trauma and concern the more it occurs. What has spurred this violence? What things about our society lead to hopelessness? Sandberg and Grant lay out some of the circumstances that many children face today. “Two out of ten U.S. children of all backgrounds live in poverty. . .Forty-three percent of children of single mothers live in poverty. . .Many children face serious illness, neglect, abuse, or homelessness. These extreme levels of harm and deprivation can impede children’s intellectual, social, emotional, and academic development.” Is it any wonder the news doesn’t get better? 

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Whole Child

Ohio ASCD is committed to the success of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model of healthy, safe, engaged, supported, challenged and sustained environments.
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