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The Ohio ASCD Journal is an OhioASCD publication exclusive to members that is intended to advance the work of educators and educational leaders by publishing compelling articles by local, national, and international authors. View a sample issue.

Key Features

Authorship - Articles need to include the full name and title of author/s as they will appear in the publication.

Diversity - We encourage writers from diverse of backgrounds, and with diverse views, to submit for publication in the Journal.

Frequency - The Journal is published two times per year, once at the beginning of the fall semester and once at the beginning of the spring semester.

Length - While there is no hard guideline around the length of the Journal's articles, pieces often run from 1,000-2,000 words.

Remuneration - There is no remuneration for having work published in the Journal; the authors who benefit are enriched by having been read.

Selection - Articles are selected for the Journal by the editorial staff.

Submission - Articles need to be single spaced in Times New Roman, 12 pt font.

Tone - The Journal is read by busy educators and educational leaders, so the tone of its articles should help to celebrate and elevate professional practice.

Topics - The Journal is intended for an audience of educational practitioners, so topics should be relevant for impact-driven professionals.

Submissions are received on a rolling basis and should be sent to:

Dr. David Silverberg

Editor, Ohio ASCD Journal

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