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President's Message

Hello OhioASCD,

Be mine. I (heart) you. XXX.  Love. Welcome to the “Love-liest” month! Whether you are in a grade level that promotes Valentine’s Day or not, it is a month for us to remember to notice every student and acknowledge each one as of great worth.  YOU, Ms. or Mr. Educator, are a hero!!

I write this message a day after our Winter Conference, Gearing Up for Change. We were very pleased to welcome a broad cross section of educators from curriculum leaders, teachers, building and central office administrators to consultants. It was a full day from the keynote speaker Char Shyrock to ODE rep Colleen Grady to the tremendous breakout speakers. I heard so many people say it was one of the best days they have had in a while, so worthwhile and “I wish I didn’t have to leave early”.  Char spoke on Beyond the Crosswalk – Creating a Literacy Mindset in a Time of Change. I especially was intrigued by her statement, “Curiosity is a learner skill.” She went on to say if we add conscientiousness to curiosity we get intelligence. Teach your students how to ask questions, especially about something they are interested in, and student engagement will skyrocket. I hope more of you will join us in the next conference. See above for a link to a couple Math conferences set for June 1 and June 4.

To complement Char’s remark, Anthony Rebora commented in the Editor’s Perspective in the most recent Educational Leadership concerning What Really counts in Assessment.

He quotes from the book Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance (Metropolitan, 2007) by Atul Gawande: “Count something you find interesting.”  Therefore, if we ask questions about something we are curious about and count some aspect of that subject, we will be learning. Isn’t that what our jobs are all about? So Be Curious. Ask Questions. Count. What did you learn?

Beth Muskopf, Ph.D.

President Ohio ASCD

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