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President's Message

Hello OhioASCD,

Holiday Greetings from OhioASCD!  December is an enchanted time of year for many of our students but we cannot forget that many others sit back and watch with envy. What does your school do to bring hope and happiness to some of our less fortunate students? I would like to hear about it.

Over and over I am reminded of how important it is to foster relationships with our students. Next month I want to share some thoughts that have been mulling around in my mind for awhile. Just how important is it to know each student in your classroom? And especially if you have multiple groups of students, how can you foster so many relationships? In the meantime, enjoy the magic of the season, sip a cup of hot chocolate for me and sing a few carols to soothe your soul.


Beth Muskopf, Ph.D.

President Ohio ASCD

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