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President's Message

Hello OhioASCD,

This month I want to share several issues that call us to be vigilant and to take action when needed.  First, March is the month ASCD holds its annual world-wide conference, Empower 17, in Anaheim, California.  There are pre-conference sessions, keynotes, and workshops for everyone involved in the education profession.  Use ASCD’s Microsite to find out more and to view conference specifics.  If you have already registered or plan to do so, remember to use the OhioASCD PASS program marketing code, OHAFF. 

Second, OhioASCD, The American Book Company, and our whole child partners have planned an informative conference focused on equity and access for all students.  Our students have vastly different challenges including poverty, different cultures, special needs and social-emotional health. How can you provide success for all children?  Join renowned author Pedro Noguera to understand the issues and explore real solutions. Challenging the zero-sum myth, Noguera will demonstrate that equity is truly the path to excellence for both low and high-achieving students, and our K–12 educational system overall. You’ll see how equity is achieved not through providing the same resources to all children, but rather through meeting the different needs of students.

 The purpose of the conference is to gain new insights as we:

·         Share information regarding equitable educational access for all students from the Ohio Department of Education perspective

·         Provide equity information to increase knowledge and to support the development and implementation of strategies that support educational access for all students

  • Understand the impact of shifting demographics
  • Explore methods for developing successful outcomes
  • Identify opportunities for early wins
  • Learn to operate as an effective, learning team

·         Introduce and encourage the use of the Whole Child Framework and its tenets

·         Encourage collaboration between community stakeholders focusing on equity and access

·         Provide time for community teams to review, re-examine, and update the equity plans submitted by their school district

·         Offer expert feedback to school districts and communities regarding their equity and access plans

 The registration fee for the day-long conference is $200 and includes a continental breakfast and lunch.  Please note that every sixth team member registered from the same school/organization team attends FREE! 


And finally, I want to share an excerpt from a message by the ASCD Executive Director, Deborah Delisle.

“Through our programs and events, on the pages of Educational Leadership magazine, and in our advocacy work, ASCD has a long-standing commitment to an equitable education for all children.

We support equity and social justice and won't stop advocating on your behalf for a well-rounded education that ensures every student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. At the core of our work is a deeply held belief that all children deserve high-quality teachers and leaders in their schools.

We advocate for every child in the U.S., and with 125,000 members, our collective voice has made a difference and will continue to do so.

We want you to join us. Advocacy should and must remain an essential part of who we are and what we do. Indeed, it is one of the best ways to achieve lasting improvements in our schools and communities.

Join ASCD's Educator Advocates program to get informed, get involved, and make a difference.

Together, we'll keep fighting for education and kids.”


Deb Delisle

I implore you to please consider joining Educator Advocates and add your voice to those of us who believe in quality education for all!

Until next month be well,

Jeannette Lewis-Woodard

OhioASCD Acting Executive Director

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